May has been good. Lots of opportunities with lots of nice fish being caught. Sulphurs are starting to go pretty solid. Seeing some pods of rising fish but nothing prolific yet, at least when I’ve been out. That said, most of the action seems to be happening subsurface with sulphur nymphs. When buggin’ I’ve been running a small midge upfront and with a split case sulphur behind and that has been fruitful. Streamer fishing has been pretty solid as well. We’ve landed a few really good ones and getting some good consistent action now that we’re getting some water.

Speaking of water, they are finally starting to run some more consistent water on the taug, which is great to see being that it has been getting whipped on pretty hard the last few months with the Soho being so low. All in all, plenty of great fishing to be had regardless if you are wading or floating.

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